Elazar is managed by Chaim Siegel. Elazar was established in 2004 and has provided hedge fund managers leading stock market research and insights. Elazar's roots are founded with hedge fund clientele who demand a keen understanding of drivers of individual companies and financial markets.

Chaim Siegel twice worked for renowned trader Steve Cohen of then-SAC Capital (now Point72). Chaim was a partner of JLF Asset Management, a $1B fund run by Jeff Feinberg. Previously Chaim was one of seven analysts on a $13B mutual fund at Morgan Stanley Asset Management.

Elazar Advisor's publishes on Reuters Institutional Platform. Elazar's research is used regularly by the largest mutual fund and hedge fund managers in the world. Elazar's estimates factor into the official Street consensus earnings numbers through the Reuters platform.

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Author: Chaim Siegel
Updated: July 27, 2017