Stock Market: Did You Get The "Buy Everything" Email

Did you get the 'buy everything email?'
We wrote on Sunday that earnings and jobs are doing great. We've been impressing on you that that's really what matters to stocks. So what was the catalyst yesterday specifically? Nothing necessarily. Earnings and jobs. Jobs came out Friday. Portfolio Managers went home Saturday and Sunday and all said, "Hey things aren't that bad" and came in and bought on Monday. It didn't hurt that we had a short term mini buy signal for Monday morning.

Jobs, Elazar Running On About Jobs

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If it's profitable, even if it's repetitive it's not boring.
If it's profitable, even if it's repetitive to talk about the same thing again and again, who cares, it's profitable.  Isn't that why we're here speaking?

Highlighted in the chart above is February 3rd.

Is that when Trump was re-elected? No, that's the January jobs reported in early February.

That report showed 216,000 new jobs which was a big jump from the previous month of 155,000.

Look what happened to stocks thereafter. That's a daily chart.

The "Buy Everything" Email

You don't need new news each day and say that's the reason stocks went up today.

As long as things are good money managers go home think about it and say the official, "not so bad" then send a late Sunday night email to their traders "buy everything as long as the market's ok on Monday."

etf qqq
Charts By Interactive Brokers: NASDAQ ETF QQQ
Market's ok? Buy everything as per the PM's email. (PM = Portfolio Manager)

Everybody got that email late Sunday night and everybody came into the office, made sure the market's ok, and followed detailed email instructions.

That's how it works.

It takes time for people to think. It takes time for people to go from bear to bull. It takes time to see all the crash prognostications not come to fruition.

On that respective day over the course of a 10-20 year bull market traders buy.

Yeah But Why Tech

Because we're going into an absolute tech boom. Productivity is on its tail but its probably going to pick up with AI this, auto-that.

We're hurrying to speak to as many companies as possible in preparation.

Elazar Wrap It Up, I'm Sold. At Least I Got Your Email

Good earnings, great jobs, looks good.

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Reading Comprehension Time:
Tech Stocks Go Up:
1) Only if you have news that day.
2) Only if Trump tweets about it.
3) Statistically on Monday's and the 4th Thursday of the month.
4) When things are generally pretty good.

Please answer in chat.

By: Chaim Siegel, Elazar Advisors, LLC, Happy and profitable trading!

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