Big News: The Stock Market Is Down Premarket

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You've been lulled into thinking that the stock market only goes up. We're here to break it to you that it's very normal for the stock market to go up.... and down on any given day. We would add though that just because the market is down pre-market or even by the close, that does not mean anything has changed. This our special report:  Down-day Premarket Handholding.

But But Trump

We've pointed out to readers or subscribers or anybody that will listen that just as often as you hear bad news one day, you get surprised with good news the next day.  2017. Anybody notice that yet? Comey, bad, no good. Market down, no up. 2016 Brexit, bad, no good. Market down, no up. Taper, oh no, bad, no good. Market down, no up.  And the biggie, Elections, bad, no good, market down, no up.

We see a pattern.

[No charts sorry, just close your eyes for a second and think back to all those events.... did you do it?? C'mon we're expecting user engagement here, Google or Facebook will know if you actually closed your eyes.]

But But Trump

You said that already. With President Trump and North Korea, let us give you the other side of the story.  All the press is itching for something bad. Bad sells newspapers (do newspapers even exist anymore?). Reporters are absolutely itching to spin something bad.

But Elazar Trump? I Mean North Korea

True. Our point is that one day things are bad but the very next day things end up being good. That's the market environment we're in.

Let's give you the other side of the coin (not bitcoin sorry). Bitcoin?

Let's say US intelligence goes swoops in there and takes care of things quickly and quietly. Can it happen? Definitely it can. Without any illegal leaks or special connections Elazar has legally attained that thought process. [We don't even know Comey. Comey who?]

We've read that the North Korean leader is scared which is one reason he mistakenly talks so boldly. That scared just needs a little push. That's our total guess of why President Trump is enacting his patented Art Of The Deal Diplomacy and who's better than Trump. I mean hey he was the star of a TV show.

So that's the good.

The bad, we hope there is not the bad that people worry about. We'd guess that as President Trump is speaking big, secret mission teams are swooping in and everything in the world will be fine.


This morning with gold finally up we're turning short term bearish. You can see we put real-time comments in comments.


Let's hope for the good. We think things will be ok. [We do not base our thinking on any illegal leaks so we don't really know more than you.]

Class, Sorry, Prepared Or Not.... It's Reading Comprehension Time
When the market is down in the pre-market it means
A) The world is coming to an end.
B) The bull market is over.
C) That bitcoin traders are playing games with the S&P futures.
D) Not necessarily that much.

In a world of 'oh no' every morning have shot of Elazar, on us.
Even before work.

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By: Chaim Siegel, Elazar Advisors, LLC, Happy and profitable trading!

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