Get Ready: 3 New Steps To In-Depth Stock Analysis

In honor of July 4th weekend we are breaking out more of our coverage. We know this will help you learn and grow as an analyst and investor. For pros you know what this is. For everybody else, this is a key part of understanding companies. Earnings, Earnings Models, valuations and targets, for us, are critical in formulating an opinion on a company and its shares. We break down the process into steps through the Elazar website.

This is only the beginning but we wanted to get the ball rolling.

Our new sections:
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We share this with you for two reasons. One is so you can see where we're coming from when we like a stock. Secondly, to show you it's not so difficult to have a more in-depth view. That broader view can help you build conviction in your holdings when many others don't agree.

When you have conviction in your earnings number and a normal PE, market swings matter a little less because you have your eyes on the target. That helps get more performance out of your ideas.

Of course anybody's targets or analysis can be wrong so we always need to be humble. But at least having a framework based on qualitative and quantitative analysis can greatly enhance your investment process.

Any questions let us know.

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Good luck and enjoy.

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By: Chaim Siegel, Elazar Advisors, LLC

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