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We wanted to use this page and the comments section below to interact with you.

We don't want to focus on direction.

We do want to focus on background, understanding and process.

Please ask us anything in comments or the Questions?-tab to the right related to background, understanding and process in trading, analysis, portfolio management, jobs, whatever. 

We'll do our best to respond in a timely fashion. If you used the Questions?-tab we'll respond here anonymously unless you say otherwise and give you our best answer.

Here's an introduction that we've said in other forums,

"I would like to give my thoughts about asking questions. As an analyst and portfolio manager for $100mm-$1B funds I would meet with the largest companies we've all heard of in a crowded room full of really smart analysts. Who cares, right? If I had a question for the company I asked it even if to some it sounded like the dumbest question in the world. If I don't understand something how am I going to have a good opinion on this company. I made it a rule never never be afraid to ask a question even if you think it's dumb. The real deal is that everybody wanted to know the same thing but were too chicken to ask thinking everybody knew it already. After the meeting when I had the guts to ask anyway, everybody came up to me saying, great question Chaim. 

So if you have any questions about us, investing, life, global warming (well not that), anything, please ask us. We know we can help you (at least a little bit) get to where you want to go." 

Chaim Siegel, founder of Elazar Advisors, LLC 

(And if your first questions was how to pronounce Chaim. It's like "L'Hayim!")

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