Monday, February 13, 2017

Frexit: The End Of EU Starts May 2017

So Long EU
As we know the UK was the first to go. Italy, Spain and Greece have also threatened to leave.
But the leading candidate in France is now making this a near and present reality. France is the largest country behind Germany (and the UK) in the EU.
She said,
"If I am voted in, I will announce that a referendum will be held in six months time. I will spend those six months going to the European Union and telling them: 'I want the French people to regain at least their territorial sovereignty because I want to control the borders - they don't belong to you.'"
We've seen with the UK exit that borders and economics go together. The EU has not been interested in piecing out benefits of the EU. For that reason Le Pen's policy is to exit because of her demand to control France's borders.
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