Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Trump's Trade Czar: 'If The Label Says Made In China Think About China's Rapid Military Buildup.'

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Inauguration day is fast approaching. Many, if not most investors don't want to believe a shake-up style trade war is coming.

Trump's rhetoric won him the election. He hired the people that designed that message. A trade war is coming.

Multi-nationals are going to have to bite the bullet for the "good for America." Earnings and markets will have short term pain, for long term gain.

The market is not prepared for such upheaval.

If you want to learn about President Elect Donald Trump's plans for China you need to see this video (Here). The video was created by PE Trump's pick Peter Navarro who will head up the newly established National Trade Council. Major change is coming and the markets (NYSEARCA:SPY) are not prepared.
Some Quotes From The Video
Anybody who wants to know the reality of what PE Trump is looking to do can watch Peter Navarro's video. It parallels much of what PE Trump said in his campaign and in his tweets.
Peter Navarro's work is called Death By China.
Let's review some of the video's quotes to understand where markets are going.
"We need definitive US action."
Trump has said that he wants to be judged on his first 100 days in office (see here). Most of his day one policies target China. He has not backed down on tough talk against China. Many may not believe that he will do anything. Looking at his staff picks, he will.
PE Trump was excited by how much support he found in the election process. Much of it was based around jobs. Much of the ideas came from his advisors who he then brought on for official roles.
Peter Navarro has been beating the China drum for many years and now he's center stage. He's lived his passion. He fired up PE Trump on this passion and the election win confirmed this momentum. There is no slowing down.
"It almost takes a movement."


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