Sunday, January 15, 2017

Big Lots: Buy In Feb After PE Trump Hits The Stock

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Although many are bearish on retail Big Lots has been grabbing share and boosting profits.

Last quarter's sales hit the company because of one-time reasons.

The stock is heavily shorted which can help it work on good news.

We wanted to wait for President Elect Donald Trump to take office because of his trade proposals. Big Lots sources about a quarter of their goods from China.

While many are bearish on retail Big Lots (NYSE:BIG) showed something in a weak quarter that can propel earnings in this quarter and the coming year. The company has multiple drivers in revenues and margins. We wanted to wait for some trade-war dust to settle so we want to wait for February to officially go to a buy rating.
Upgrading Our November 25th, 2015 $60 Target To $66
Back in November 2015 we expected $.50 upside to street numbers for 2016 (Pay Wall). So far the company has shown about $.24 in upside in the first three quarters. That leaves us with $.26 upside left in Q4. We expect about that to materialize. What increases our target though is the continued upside we expect next year.

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