Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carl Icahn: 'I Don't Really Talk About Short-Term Things In The Market, But...'

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*Carl Icahn called the low and bought big.

*Carl Icahn is in the camp of President-elect Donald Trump and so can only say nice things.

*Even though he's only supposed to say nice things he just expects a few things to "knock the hell out of the market".

*He also made a nice "Seeking Alpha" mention.

The world and markets are about to change on January 20th and one person "in the know" is President-Elect Donald Trump's advisor Carl Icahn. In an interview with CNBC last week Mr. Icahn gave several reasons why both longer term and shorter term risks are about to culminate soon. Mr. Icahn bought heavily on the Trump win and now he's getting out. We should all pay attention.
There's Reason To Pay Attention
Mr. Icahn is close to President-elect Donald Trump. We have seen that P.E. Trump has two camps of people. You're either "for" Trump or "against" Trump. There is no mistaking who Trump categorizes in which camp. Mr. Icahn was an early supporter of P.E. Trump and so is clearly in Trump's camp. He is so much so in the "for" camp that he was just selected as an official advisor to P.E. Trump.
That relationship forces Mr. Icahn to only make glowing comments about the president-elect because that's one of the requirements to be in his camp. Trump, like any good businessman wants a team that's behind him. One of the requirements is that you obviously make supportive comments.
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