Thursday, December 29, 2016

BOJ: So Long Deflation, Hello Inflation

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*The BOJ just said they are out of deflation.

*That's not incredible news?

*By the way inflation jumped 100bp in three months but all the major publications reported that it's still down. Does everyone have this one wrong?

*Central banks are behind the curve. They want to be behind the curve and we are jump-stepping closer to market risk. 2%+ inflation in Japan is one catalyst.

Japan just declared there is no more deflation. Does that strike anybody as incredibly important? It should. They are still pedal-to-the-medal trying to drive inflation. When it comes they will have to slam on the brakes which will crash markets. If they don't slam on the brakes inflation is about to get out of control. Record easing mixed with 2% and ticking inflation is an incredible risk for runaway inflation.
BOJ: Hello Inflation, Good-bye Deflation
Here is Governor Haruhiko Kuroda of the BOJ on Monday. Read em' and weep.
"Japan's economy is no longer in deflation."
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