Friday, November 18, 2016

'Yeah, We're Pretty Much Behind The Curve Now'

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*Fed Chair Janet Yellen admitted today that fiscal policies will be inflationary and will cause the Fed to rethink their targets.
*The world was listening if Fed Chair Yellen will stay on until her term is up or if the Fed is political. Who cares and who cares? Really!
*What matters is what inflation, markets and interest rates are going to do and right now the Fed is behind. They admitted it today. Hear for yourself below.
*Just a little bit of thinking required but we think you'll see for yourself what's about to happen.

We're not sure anybody was listening to the testimony Fed Chair Janet Yellen gave to Congress today (link). Will she stay on until the end of her term? Who cares. Is the Fed political? No offense, but who cares. We want to know about inflation expectations and changes in rate moves. The Fed is admitting that based on coming fiscal policy, if you listen, they are way behind the curve. That will require more rate hikes and cap markets more and more.

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