Monday, November 21, 2016

The Scariest Comment Of 2016

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*The CEO of Deutsche Bank just made probably the scariest comment of 2016.
*The CEO referred to the ECB's holding markets from finding their true values. He said we should consider the "dangerous situation".
*Keep in mind this is the CEO of the company the IMF says has the most systematic risk of any company. If he is worried shouldn't we?
*Please, somebody tell me this isn't a giant accident waiting to happen.

We get a little worried when the leader of the company baring the largest global systematic risk spots another problem in the system. The CEO of the company that can cause an economic meltdown says that the ECB is holding back "price discovery" of the bond market. In plain English that means if it were not for the ECB buying everything in sight the bond market would have fallen apart. The real question is what could unravel this setup. We have one way. What if the US central bank were to go into tightening mode? Oh one more: What if there were actually more inflation?

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