Monday, October 10, 2016

S&P 500 Weekly Catalysts: DB Or Not DB

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*There are multiple catalysts this week which could take the market in either direction.
*Elections, the Fed, Deutsche Bank and the pound need to hopefully see some calm to have smooth markets this week.
*It all started Sunday night.

After the jobs report Friday the market likely needs to transition to unexpect a rate hike. That can be good. On the flip side though the market has risks that need to get resolved with elections, Deutsche Bank, and the British pound.
Major Events This Week
Sunday Night: Presidential Debate
Wednesday 2PM: Federal Reserve Minutes
Friday 1:30PM: Fed Chair Yellen Speech (Live)
Other Sagas To Follow This Week
*Deutsche Bank
*The British Pound
Let's go one by one.
Sunday Night's Presidential Debate
The debate Sunday was heavily watched for the spectacle probably more so than for political ramifications. That said, Hillary Clinton appeared to win the first debate which probably helped markets hold up. The jury is still out on the winner of round two (ding).
Clinton's lead in the presidential race is a relative market positive. As long as there is a perception she holds the lead the market can have an extra bid to it. If Donald Trump takes the lead the market will likely trade off.
We say that for two reasons.
Hedge Funds Tell Us Clinton Is Better For Markets

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