Monday, July 25, 2016

We've Added 2 New Words To Our Global Desperation Rating: 'Absolute' And 'Utter'

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*All global leaders are clearly even more worried about global growth.
*But G-20 actually gives us a hint to expect hawkish commentary from the Fed on Wednesday.
*We've given up hope, sorry global growth.
(Picture: Don't tell anybody, but we have a big, old-fashioned high school crush on — please don't tell — Bloomberg.) Look! Look over there (picture above). There she is. Aaaah, so beautiful... One day we'll be together... Bloomberg, time and time again, gets it. We are thoroughly impressed. So we want to take an excerpt from our new crush, Bloomberg, as another feather in our Global Desperation cap.)
Here is what Bloomberg had to say. Just listen to the sweet words about G-20 — I could listen to this all day:
Via Bloomberg:
"Underscoring the essential role of structural reforms, we emphasize that our fiscal strategies are equally important to support our common growth objectives," the group [G-20] said, in slightly modified language from its last communique, issued in April. Three months ago, the group didn't use the term "essential" for reform, nor the word "emphasize" for its fiscal policy. The April document also didn't refer to fiscal strategies being "equally" important.
Ahh, how beautiful, how eloquent, how... it's out, we LOVE BLOOMBERG. Bloomberg Terminal For President!
We'll Elazar that for you:
"The G-20 said their multi-year monetary stimulus drive is not cutting-it (official financial term) and now they've enhanced their language to newly emphasize the salient importance to add newer and newer ways to spend more and more money on an economy that isn't budging."
Because of this above Bloomberg (aaahh) excerpt we also had to add two words to our official Global Desperation Rating. We've upgraded our rating to "Absolute and Utter Global Desperation Rating." (We see Bloomberg's three G-20 words and raise it two Elazar words.)

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