Thursday, July 7, 2016

Long Term Jobs Numbers Don't Matter

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*Our reaction to FOMC minutes.
*Sorry we are about to prove Fed rate moves and jobs are meaningless. But Elazar the whole world is watching them? We said prove.
*We're already at full employment. You wanted greater than full employment.
*Even rate moves don't matter, Federal Reserve balances is what we should all be watching.
*Jobs the Official Elazar Deck Chairs Rating, Short S&P 500.
Elazar Advisors is confused once again. We are at "full employment." That means everybody who is available to work, for all intents and purposes, is working. And you want more than that? But demographics is working against us shrinking the labor force. Monetary policy can change demographic trends? We're stuck. Our only alternative is to short S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY).
Since we are about to prove jobs data are meaningless we might as well prove to you Fed rate news and opinions are meaningless as well and throw the entire system on its head.
We're going to start with an amazing chart. (Elazar, it better be amazing if you're setting me up.)
This is the percent of the population in the employment numbers.
What jumps out at you about this chart?
Less and less people are in that unemployment number.
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