Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Investing Because You Have To? Sell Cash, Buy Gold

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*We've been surprised to hear many strange investment philosophies of late.
TINA is one.
*Goldman Sachs recently had a recommendation: the "least bad" investment.
*Am I the only crazy one.
We were surprised when we heard the term TINA (There Is No Alternative so invest in 1% 50 year Deutsche Bank bonds. Throw risk measures OUT the window.). We were surprised to recently read that Goldman Sachs rated something "least bad." (That's Goldman Sachs!).
We were relieved however to see recent and massive fund outflows. Consumers are smart and they aren't buying the TINA concept as much as pros.
Investing is not to make money at any cost. Risk should continue to play into the equation. We worry it is not. Investors who go to the sidelines may have to watch a period of underperformance as brokers recommend "least bad." In the end, we believe, avoiding such calls will be more than profitable.
First Let's Look Up The Meaning Of The Word "Greed"
Definition: intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.
Elazar Definition: the race for the last nickel or basis point at all costs overlooking all risks or risk/reward scenarios.

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