Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fed Hints: Tightening During Brexit, Stock Market S&P500 Risk

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*Looking closer at Fed balances, the Fed was not supporting markets.
*Their overall balances contracted and are at two year lows.
*If this is the start of the Fed reducing reserves, markets have serious downside.
*We'll have to continue to track it closely.
We've been watching Fed balances for hints for when they start their process of "normalization" to reduce reserves. We've shown these moves closely predict stock market returns. Late Thursday saw a tightening. It's confirmation to Elazar's "Fed Ceiling" call and if it get's worse it will confirm future downside potential.
Let's look at the official numbers.

Recent Data Updated For June 29th shows Fed tightening!
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(Above is the official Federal Reserve Crest to let you know we aren't playing around!)

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