Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stock Market Risk Into Brexit: What Does Risk Mean?

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*Brexit becomes an event for all investors.
*It may compare to US Fed day on steroids.
*This is a public service announcement of sorts.
*Into Fed events we typically bring down positions, reduce risk and watch like on The Fourth of July.

(Picture above: The 4th of July is coming and we're all waiting for the fireworks spectaculars. We're all happy that we're not literally in the war leading up to July 4th 1776. It's a big difference having bullets whiz by versus watching the fireworks on a relaxing summer eve. Brexit is that risk. Where do you want to be sitting?)
What's Risk Really Mean?
We wanted to take a moment to convey what risk means. Risk is the thing of Wall Street trader photos in dismay losing money. Volatility and risk are usually tough to react to. Emotions get a hold of a person to make wrong decisions especially if they "placed their bets." The simplest action is to reduce exposure ahead of such events rather than getting fancy or worse, "going for it."

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