Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jedi Training: Signs Of A Stock Market Bear Taking Shape

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*This is a follow-up on our, "5 Steps To Catch A (Stock Market) Bear" June 9th.
*We have been fundamentally bearish.
*But you need to see it happen before you get excited about it.
*We use Jedi technical powers to help us confirm our bearish fundamental call.

Overheard on the Star Wars set, "Luke, you can't just barrel into stocks because your fundamental work says so, you have to let the technical force guide you. Then be a trading Jedi master you will be."
Yoda knows what he's talking about. We, generally agree.
We've seen many traders hope for one thing and something else happens.
Everybody talks about all the great trades they make.
You never hear however the full truth. They didn't tell you about the other few trades, "I got murdered in this stock because...See Full Report

Chaim Siegel has been working with hedge funds and mutual funds as an analyst and PM his entire career. Chaim specializes in earnings and predicts, analyzes and reacts to earnings and earnings events as well as developing current company stories with a hedge fund perspective. If you want his analysis real time sign up to the right for real time email alerts. #in, $spy, $qqq, $iwm, $vxx, $ycs, $fxe, $EUO, $YCS, ^GSPC, INDEXSP:.INX, #elazaradvisorsllc, CME Globex: ES Disclosure: These trades can lose you money and principle especially when using leverage BY USING THIS SITE YOU AGREE TO TAKE ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OUTCOMES AND LOSSES AND HOLD BESTIDEAS, ITS CONTRIBUTORS AND ELAZAR ADVISORS, LLC HARMLESS

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