Monday, June 20, 2016

Fed-Led Stock Market Ceiling: Poor Risk-Reward For Brexit

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*We show what we believe is causing the market halt at its highs.
*That sets up a bad risk/reward going into a risk event like Brexit.
*We update and zoom-in on our famous yellow line from In Fed We Trust and Is The Fed Buying Stocks.
*We're short S&P 500 futures.
(Picture: Government officials test jumping off of the yellow line. Elazar charts shows how high that Fed spending yellow line is and then zooms in on recent data. Don't forget the ripcord.)
We wanted to follow up with what we see the Fed doing of late despite all the talk. Fed balances have been a key driver to stock market performance. We've decided to track some of these key metrics after bringing them to light in Is The Fed Buying Stocks and In Fed We Trust, Fed-Led '08 Meltdown Exposed, It's Setting Up Again.

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