Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nord Anglia: Visible Growth Ahead

One of a kind company with a big market lead.
Huge potential growth still in front of them.
Very consistent organic growth matched with a strong ROI acquisition strategy.
Nord Anglia Education (NYSE:NORD) is the type of true growth story that investors typically look for, do the work, and tuck away in their portfolio.
I recommend you do the work yourself to come up with a your own critical opinion. Whatever you do, do not watch the company's video before you make an informed decision. The video touches on too many emotional buttons that you can't hope to make an analytical decision. Instead you'll end up throwing away any of your work and will buy the stock anyway. So my advice is do the work FIRST. Thankfully I saw the video after I did the work, but came to the same conclusion anyway, which is that the company has strong upside ahead. Full disclosure; I did have to look at some of their presentations. If you do, there are plenty of little faces you may fall in love with, so please use caution.
Nord Anglia provides English style education in the English language around the world with growing exposure to China and the Middle East.
Strengths of their story
*Not many major players to compete to within a fragmented market.
*Teachers want to teach there so they get their pick of the best teachers. The number of top teachers that are finding out about Nord Anglia is accelerating.
*There are growing incomes in developing markets where parents want to spend on their children to be able to compete in a global market.

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